Liquid Glass #154 Ceramic Tile Protector

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Liquid Glass #154Ceramic Tile Protector is a patented, Micron-thin, durable surface treatment for ceramic, porcelain and brick surfaces. Liquid Glass #154Ceramic Tile Protector is easy to apply and dries in minutes and is ideal for busy commercial and residential environments including: restrooms, hallways, entrances, locker rooms, pool decks and restaurants

Typical 1,000 to1,500 sq ft per quart per application


  • Single component product, no mixing, no pot life
  • Ideal for commercial and residential applications (indoor or outdoor/wet or dry) including: lobbies, restrooms, restaurants, shower walls and floors, pool decks, and locker rooms.
  • >.60 wet SCOF ( BOT 3000E Slip Meter)
  • VOC less than 50 g/l 15 minute typical dry time between recoats and for light traffic after final application.
  • Low to no odor
  • Coverage is typically1,000 to 1,500 sq ft per quart per application.
  • Volume solids - 23% Excellent abrasion and stain resistance
  • Two (2) or three (3) thin applications are typical
  • Designed for use on ceramic, porcelain and brick surfaces in indoor and outdoor commercial and residential environments.
  • Available in satin sheen only; can be burnished for higher gloss levels
  • Do not clean or apply water to Liquid Glass: Ceramic Tile Protector for 8 hours after application.

There is a 5% discount if a case is purchased