Robot Automation - vacuums, sweepers, etc.

CleanSmart is proud to offer a team of specialized robots that can vacuum, disinfect, deliver/move products, monitor, and teach!

  • Vacuum: pay a monthly subscription fee all maintenance, repairs and parts. Provides alerts, data usage, reporting and software updates. Virtual training available
  • Sweeper: capable of navigating complex and dynamic environments
  • Delivery: robots can move items within factories or offices; deliver food, drinks and menus in hospitals and restaurants
  • Monitor: check temperatures for fever as people walk through entrances; can also detect/remind people to wear face masks
  • Teaching: educate visitors or student on proper ways to protect themselves and others; provide proper hygiene practices in an interactive way
  • Disinfecting: robots are ideal at performing time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as vacuuming and disinfecting general areas so cleaning staff can concentrate on areas that require human attention to detail
  • Gain Efficiencies through technological advances and automation
    • Save costs
    • Provide "trackability" and "confirmed clean", demanded by stakeholders.

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Download a PDF of Robot Options Here