Liquid Glass #153 Vinyl and Rubber Protector

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Liquid Glass #153 Vinyl and Rubber Protector is an easy to apply and maintain, sustainable, fast drying, low to no odor, durable, flooring treatment for resilient flooring. It is not an acrylic floor finish. Liquid Glass #153 Vinyl and Rubber Protector is based on an inorganic, micron-based technology, which provides a longer life between recoats, less burnishing, less recoating and elimination of ongoing stripping.

Can be applied to any resilient flooring including: vinyl composition tile (VCT), sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), rubber and linoleum. 

Liquid Glass #153 Vinyl and Rubber Protector forms an extraordinary clear, micron thin film, which does not yellow, peel, blister or flake. The product has outstanding stain, scratch and abrasion resistance for commercial applications, while offering an attractive coefficient of friction, wet or dry. Sheens can be maintained from low, medium to higher gloss.

may be applied on top of Liquid Glass: Porous Surface Primer to achieve an enhanced appearance and sheen

4,000 to 5,000 sq ft per gallon per application


  • Longer lasting than conventional floor finishes (“wax”)
  • Superior clarity
  • Rapid in-use times (within minutes)
  • Lowers floor care costs compared to conventional floor finish.
  • Apply to any resilient flooring.
  • Green, not petroleum based
  • Strippable with Butyl bases stripper.
  • Easy to repair and blend.
  • Outstanding scratch, stain and abrasion resistance
  • Flexible Sheens ranging from low to medium to high are achievable.
  • Freeze/Thaw stable Compatible as a topcoat 
  • Compared to conventional floor finish:
    • Reduces number of coats, by as much as 80%
    • Reduces burnishing frequency, by as much as 80%
    • Reduces re coat frequency, by as much as 80% - Eliminates stripping, by as much as 100%

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