Robotic floor care

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Set it up and go! This intelligent floor scrubber handles hard surface cleaning and can clean up to 115,000 sq. ft. in autonomous mode on a single charge and up to 184,000 sq. ft manually. It has a 26" path, 29-gal, on-board charger, pad drivers. Powered by BrainOS it's sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles. It is easy to setup, after you train the route once, it cleans with the click of a button.  

Offered thru a monthly subscription fee ($1,799/month) that includes all maintenance, repairs and parts. Cancel anytime. Provides alerts, data usage, reporting and software updates.

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  • Increase cleaning consistency and frequency
  • Standardize cleaning routes
  • Track KPIs and use data to improve speed and performance over time
  • Reduce the impact of absenteeism and turnover
  • Provider alerts, data usage, reporting and software updates
  • Subscription model eliminates large upfront investment
  • All service and parts are included in monthly fee
  • Easy to use and virtual training available
  • Powered by BrainOS®, an advanced vision- based A.I. system
  • Designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees
  • Service hotline provided for all hardware and software issues