Pureti Clean and Fresh - the Window Cleaner that also Cleans the Air!

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The Ultimate Environmental Friendly Cleaner! A Revolution in Glass & Stainless Steel Maintenance

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PURETi Clean & Fresh is as easy to use as traditional cleaners, but it is a surface treatment that delivers several unique benefits:

  • One monthly application makes surfaces easier to clean
  • Lowers the labor cost of maintain surfaces by 50%+
  • Delivers a dramatic, high definition appearance
  • Helps sustainability effort by using less product, and minerals instead of chemicals
  • Improves indoor air quality by 30%

PURETi is a NASA dual use technology partner. Clean & Fresh is it's high tech surface treatment that facilitates the lowest total cost of cleaning glass, mirrors and stainless steel.

Click HERE to see how PURETi uses light to clean the air.