Build Awareness with Sanitizer Stations:

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People need to be reminded of a change many times before it becomes habit. Everyone knows about the current pandemic, but people still need regular reminders so they don’t forget the new expectations so they can become good habits.

The CleanSmart Sanitizer Stations help to complete this role. The stations are adaptable to be able to hold hand sanitizer bottles or dispensers based on what’s available and spray bottles of cleaner and disinfectant or EnviroPro cleaner disinfectant. This should be placed throughout a facility where they are visible as a reminder and so people know where they can get sanitizer and return it throughout their day. These stations are bright white which looks clean, has a dry erase board to write any message easily or attach a printed message, making them the most versatile stand on the market today.

Put stations in office areas, load docks, production areas, cafes, entrances people can clean/disinfect the tape gun handle or hand truck, forklift, door handle
etc. in load dock, they can disinfect the chair, counter, table top or microwave in café.....etc. 

5% off case of 3

Optional (these items are separate products and are purchased separately on this site): 

  • drip tray
  • magnetic dry erase board
  • wall stabilizer
  • black coated steel gallon holder
  • spray bottle (up to 32 oz) or hand sanitizer holder

Images shows stand with:

  • optional heavy duty black coated steel gallon holder
  • optional dry erase board, holders for spray bottles or hand sanitizer
  • optional magnetic dry erase board, drip tray, dispenser

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